EZ Win

2 seasons, 16 episodes x 10 min

the first web-series about gamers
produced in Russia

In a village school computer class, a team of five likable losers is training to get into the finals of a big tournament – their common goal. At the same time, each one has a reason to get into esports. There’s friendship, conflict, and humor. and one game to bind them all.


Officially selected by film festivals
SeriesLand (Spain), Marseille Web Fest (France).
Nominated by the 4th National Web Industry Award (Russia):
Best Web Series


11 000 000 views on VK social network (Russia).
Sold to one of the major Russian VOD-platforms.
Second season is the first series about girls gaming.

S01 / S02
Showrunner Kirill Alekhin
Director Egor Chichkanov
Screenplay Eugeny Pekach, Nikita Kartsev, Egor Chichkanov, Kirill Alekhin
DoP Vadim Gusev
Editing Egor Chichkanov
Cast Anvar Halilulaev, Mikhail Shamkov, Tatiana Struzhenkova, Denis Kornukh, Angelina Zagrebina
Original music Anton Zalygin
Director Kirill Alekhin
Screenplay Pavel Sedov, Daniil Kasatkin, Nikita Kartsev, Oleg Khoroshavin, Kirill Alekhin
DoP & Creative Director Oleg Khoroshavin
Editing Artyom Sokolovsky
Cast Angelina Zagrebina, Alexandra Khromova, Arina Bogdanova, Alina Gvasalia, Egor Kiryachok
Original music Eduard Konovalov

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